Tuna oil

Tuna is a fish rich in Omega 3, especially in DHA.
The worldwide trade exchange in terms of marine species is mainly composed of Tunas. They are caught across every ocean. Some international commissions have been created at a regional level in order to manage and advice countries exploiting those resources.
For the Atlantic Ocean, where our tuna oil is sourced, this commission is called ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas). This organization gives some scientific advices in the implementation of the quotas.


The species used in the production of our tuna oils are not in danger and they are not facing any risk of over-exploitation in the long term. Our tuna oil is made from by-products coming from canneries which produce canned tuna for the European market. Therefore, a strict sanitary control is provided and the tuna oils that we are offering are coming from tuna by-products.

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Dietary supplements

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