Cod liver oil

Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) is an important fish stock caught throughout the year all around Iceland. Due to the ocean’s currents and Iceland’s remoteness from industrial countries, Icelandic waters are not polluted. Atlantic cod is a deep-water fish, living at more than 1,300 feet depths on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Cod is one of several “groundfish” species, referring to the fact that they live on the seafloor.

Cod liver oil is well known for its high content in vitamin A and D3 as well as essential fatty acids like arachidonic acid, EPA and DHA. It has been used for centuries to treat diseases and as a dietary supplement to help prevent nutrients deficiency. Our cod liver oil is obtained from the fresh livers of wild Icelandic cod.
Only Gadus Morhua fishes from the Gadidae family are used to produce our premium quality cod liver oil.

We offer a wide variety of cod liver oils products ranging from crude to fully refined and ready to use products. Our ready-to-use cod liver oil meets the British, European and United States Pharmacopeia in force.

Product Use



Dietary supplements
Dietary supplements
Pharmaceutical use as excipient





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